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Debbie B.

We absolutely love our new home. Precision’s process of all the pre-planning and the pre-selection of the items that were our allowances made the whole experience nonstressful and enjoyable. The vendors we worked with – Michael, Brittany, Deanne, Darrell- were terrific to work with. They seemed to read my mind and show me exactly what I wanted. Thank you everyone involved, especially Aaron for keeping everyone in line and on time to meet our expected timeline.

Dusty B.

Precision Homes was the best choice we could have made to build our custom home. Dan and Katy go the extra mile to make sure you are getting the most within your budget. Our site manager Aaron was great answering our questions and tweaking things for us during the build. We are so glad we chose Precision and we absolutely love our new home!

Brittany D.

Dan & Katy are such wonderful people and great home builders. I have worked with them and their clients making plumbing, lighting and appliance selections for nearly 5 years now. Working with the amount of builders I do I see how crucial it is for a builder to have good communication, organization and customer relations. The building process can be very complicated and time consuming, Dan & Katy make the process much easier for everyone involved. Precision Custom Home Builders goes above and beyond in these aspects and are always a pleasure to work with.

Bobbie J.

I have known the owners of Precision Homes of Canton for over 10 years and have photographed their completed homes for the past two years. Their homes are beautiful and their attention to detail is phenomenal. They are easy to work with and all of the owners I have met with have only had great things to say about them. I will definitely have them build my next home.

Melissa L.

They made the difficult process of building a custom home easy with suggestions for improvements and quick responses to issues and questions. We are very happy with our home.

Dee W.

We bought some property on lake allatoona and wanted to build. The lot was challenging, but Dan was unfazed and had plenty of great ideas to offer. We showed him our dream home ” sketch”, which was badly drawn on a crumpled scrap of paper and made sense only in our head! Dan, Katy and Aaron brought our dream to life and we have been recommending Precision Homes ever since.

Peggie F.

Recently my wife and I built a new custom home from the ground up. In choosing a builder we did extensive research and through word of mouth, and interviews with both builders and customers we chose Precision Homes. This was clearly the right choice. Dan and his wife Katy make a fantastic team. Our home is beautifully crafted and the entire Precision Home team went the extra mile to make sure we were 100 percent satisfied. We recently hit the one year mark and all warrantee work was completed without question. Professional, honest, quality, great subcontractors and fantastic end result. My wife and I would both highly recommend Precision Home and I would use them again without hesitation.

Melysa M.

We contacted Precision Homes of Canton to finish our basement. They were such a delight to work with! From the initial estimate to walking through with ideas and options to final product was such a pleasant experience. They were easy to get in touch with when problems arose and they were quickly fixed and resolved. When we wanted to change things or add things, it was done quickly and efficiently. We had a hard deadline when we needed it finished and they finished ahead of time. We’re happy with the quality and craftsmanship of the final product. We will definitely be using them for future projects!

Stan F.

My wife and I hired Dan and Katy to build our custom home on Lake Arrowhead in Waleska, Ga. Dan and Katy were both very accommodating with ALL of our requests and changes. Since the completion, they have been responsive to warrantee issues that have come up and have completed them in a timely fashion. Great customer service before, during & after the build.

Debbie C.

Precision built our house 6 months ago. They were a joy to work with and I Iove their process. We are so happy with our house that I recommend them to everyone I meet that is looking for a builder. Aaron was a godsend for the day to day management and all the vendors we worked with were exceptional

Kim B.

Precision Homes did a great job. I am so glad we found Dan and Katy to build our forever home! Aaron was with us every step of the way to answer our questions and make sure everything was just perfect. I would recommend Precision to anyone. Me and my family are truly blessed!!

Carole R.

Katy and Dan built our home 10 years ago. What great people to work with! Honest, thorough, and efficient. Dan had so many great ideas to share that we had not thought of throughout the process. We sure got lucky when we found Precision Custom Home Builders!


The decision to build a custom house 1058 miles from home was a complicated process. We met several well qualified custom builders. Choosing Dan and Katy came down to three points. First, visiting several of their recent completions, Dan confidentially pointed out details in the construction and suggested variations and the costs and benefits. No sales pitch; frankly more of a ‘Consumer Reports’ review of what was possible and how much each option would effect the cost. While we we visiting homes, two of his clients took over the conversation and spoke candidly about their relationship with the Ellsworths! Secondly, the Ellsworths are engineers and approach the business relationship with with very complete and methodical systems. From the first estimate, to developing a budget, to presenting a construction agreement, everything was well presented and easy to discuss. Nothing was brushed off casually and we were aware of systems to modify the construction plan. No ‘pie in the sky’ promise to complete the house in three months. Finally, and most importantly, personal integrity. You meet with Dan and Katy at ‘their home’. There’s no question where their priorities lie. From ‘Eagle Scout’ memorabilia , family photos and connections to their church’. No slick showroom; no commission sales rep…You’re doing business directly. Over the process there were certainly ‘hiccups’, but they were handled directly and honestly.

Rob P.

Precision Custom Home Builders built our home and it was a wonderful experience. This was our first time in building a home from the ground up and they were both professional and talented in using their expertise to give us a beautiful residence in the mountains of Georgia. The cost of the project was essentially the same at the end as when we signed our contract, excluding our personal add-ons. As an example of quality that went into the house, brush fires have been created here by extreme drought causing a lot of dense smoke on our mountain. It is remarkable how tightly constructed the home is in that we have had no problems with the smoke or any of the associated odors entering the inside. Katy Ellsworth, acting as lead design, and all the subs they hired were skilled and did a superior job. Both Dan and Katy helped immensely in adding energy efficient features which will greatly reduce our heating and cooling costs over the years. Remarkably, they continue to check in with us to assure that all our needs have been met. We are indeed so happy with the end result and more in love with our Precision-built home every day. We both look forward to living in this home for many years to come. Thank you Precision!

Don D.

A few years ago my wife and I purchased some land in the mountains near Jasper,Ga. We wanted to build our retirement home while the economics favored us. I selected my builder because he made so many assurances. Long story short, he collected the contract amount plus some, with about 25% to go. He abandoned the job without as much as a phone call. Now, being from Florida, I was lost as to what is next. I remembered who I though would have been my original second choice and called Dan Ellsworth of Precision Homes. I explained my situation and he offered to meet me at the homesite. He assessed the status of the home and offered to help. I chose to have them manage the completion. I can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve done. Every step of the way Katy kept me informed and offered options for finishes. I was never invoiced without an invoice from one of the subs. They were honest and a pleasure to deal with. I learned a valuable lesson. Had I sat with Dan and Katy I would not made the initial poor choice.

Mike C.

Great company to work with who is currently building my dream house.

Joel G.

Honest, caring, great attention to detail, Cost saving suggestions, etc. They stand behind their work.

John P.

A real Hands-On Builder, builds a top quality home.

Katy S.

Precision Homes is JUST THAT…Precise! From time line (well below the wire), to budget (no overage), to communication (returned calls in less than 24 hours) – They “nailed” it! We had them do an exterior renovation and look forward to using them for our kitchen addition/renovation. Thank You Dan and Precision Homes for making our home even better.


Great to work with; Very Honest & Ethical. Will get it done correctly and if a minor deficiency is discovered, will take care of that ASAP. No unnecessary or non-productive overhead. Have great ideas of their own, but will listen to and incorporate yours.

Barry C.

We have worked with Precision Homes since 2006. As a subcontractor, we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with such a reputable company. Precision Homes produces custom quality homes and goes above and beyond as a home builder. The entire staff is wonderful and easy to work with.


After 33 years active military service I grew accustomed to excellence in performance. Precision provided that and much more and the finished home just blew me away! I’ve built two other custom homes over the years. Though good homes, not to the scope of detail and quality that Precision provided. Precision is first class and easy to work with all around… the owners, staff and workers.

Craig C.

Precision Homes of Canton is a very professional organization that does “Make it Right” (Mike Holmes) type of work. Very solid attention to detail and excellent finish work. Additionally, they did work that they did not contract for, but needed to be done to make the job look finished. We had them finish our a covered outside porch to make it a year round room. Tongue and groove walls and ceilings, oak floors and five 5′ x 4′ slider windows with three french doors. The place looks immaculate. It expanded our living space on that floor by 30% and blended in with the rest of the house. Additionally, they finished a patio underneath to expand our outdoor living space.


My Husband found Dan after much research on home builders. Dan and his crew were always courteous. They build a quality custom home. Dan’s wife, Katy was a delight to Work with. She had every step of the way covered as to when and where I was to go pick out all of our lights, paint, cabinets, ect. It really helped since I was in Florida. The home was finished exactly when they promised. We ran over budget due to well and foundation issues that were not foreseeable. Dan kept us abreast of costs at all time. We highly recommend him and love our new home.


Since we moved in last August, we have been whole heartedly recommending Precision Homes of Canton to friends and family. Dan and Katy are great to work with and they have a great team surrounding them. They were willing to do what it took to keep us happy throughout the process, and they were fair in all aspects of the build. It’s obvious that their subs carry a lot of admiration and respect for them, and everyone on my site took pride in the quality of the work. The build came in on budget, and they produced an excellent quality product, but what I appreciated most is Dan and Katy kept to their word. Every time it was tested they kept to their word, even where it cost them money, so we quickly developed a relationship of trust. Know that if you’re embarking on building a home, not everything will go as planned and there will be times of stress, but when you have a relationship of trust with your builder, issues are quickly addressed in a professional and satisfying manner. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found ourselves building again one day, and we’ll undoubtedly be calling Precision Homes again.

GFD Architectural Design

I have had the privilege to work on numerous home design projects with Dan and Katy at Precision Homes over the last two years. In addition I have been to several of their homes both completed and under construction and can honestly say that they are top pros in every aspect from design through construction. They have developed a unique, detailed system to help take their clients through the entire process that insures both above average standards of quality, attention to detail and peace of mind for their customers. A very impressive custom home builder to say the least and great folks to work with.

Anita N.

If you are looking for a custom home builder, look no further. Precision Homes is great to work with. From the planning stages until the day you move in (and even after), Dan and crew are there to plan, organize, and answer questions. They work to make sure the building process goes smoothly, timelines are met, and that the job is completed within budget. Phone calls are returned in a timely manner and they are very hands on. You will not regret choosing Precision Homes as your builder.

Olivia K.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Precision Homes to anyone! Dan, Katy, Brittany, Bill and all of their employees and subcontractors are so knowledgeable and helpful. Every step of the process is carefully lined out, they walk you through each step and the end result is a beautiful, custom home of your dreams! They make the process so fun and enjoyable! Whether it is the first time you are building a home or your tenth time, the care, “Precision” and knowledge that they provide is far above the rest!

Karen P.

We left another builder due to escalating prices and flat out dishonesty. Precision Homes has been OUTSTANDING! They are professional, courteous, timely, communicative, and just plain exemplary across all areas of our build. In addition, they have communicated ways to save us money! Dan, Katy, Brittany, Tom, and Aaron have been nothing short of fantastic. We are so lucky to have them build our new home. Our home is one of the less expensive homes that they build and we have been completely astonished at how well everything is working out. We can’t wait to move in when our home is finished!! THANK YOU Precision Custom Homes!!